We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for every Child.

We are working towards a noble cause of making and at least trying to make lives better with our efforts

We do not have any materialistic or selfish intention while taking this beautiful initiative by starting this non-profit organisation. We have dreamt of a world where no kid, for any reason…. faces any kind of discrimination, injustice, or lack of opportunities. these kids are the flowers who make our world a kind and magnificent place to be in. these are the purest innocent souls who deserve the world and every happiness existing. join us, onboard to bring a beautiful change to our beautiful world :

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About Us

“TEJAS, A call to a better world ! We are a new leading non-profit Indian
organisation working with the sole aim to make this world a better place by
joining hands together to uplift and empower those who are in despair need
and often ignored by the humanity for any given reason. they are mistreated
and kept deprived of the basic human rights, just because of some physical
imbalances among them and the world out there. while many of us make false claims to be the saviours of earth and sympathise towards them but take no
initiative to uplift and strengthen them by any means. we don’t believe in
feeding words only . we are a team of volunteers, taking baby steps towards
our dream to make India the real great nation by working and strengthening
the roots of this massive tree .

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